About Laminate Flooring – Let’s Discover Your Options

You may be thinking about laminate flooring for any number of reasons. Cost can be a huge factor, but it can also be a better fit for the environment you live in or the construction of your home. Often we hear from new customers that they want laminate flooring but are afraid that they’ll spend a good deal of money and not be happy with the final treatment.



What if I spend all of the time and cost in laying a new laminate floor and it doesn’t look good?






Laminate flooring has changed dramatically since being introduced to the American market. While hardwood floors are beautiful, they have to be maintained. Laminate floors stand the test of time without ever needing to be refinished, and most manufacturers offer a fade and big wear stain warranty to guarantee your floor’s longevity. Laminate flooring is actually a fantastic option, when you know which floor to choose.



One of the biggest negatives people say about laminate flooring is that “it looks fake”. But the truth is that the best laminate products are so well-made they look perfect, and don’t include the flaws that occur in natural materials. Laminate flooring can be made to look like wood, tile, or stone.



First introduced in Sweden, Pergo was one of the first laminates to become popular in the United States. Some people still refer to laminate as “Pergo” because it was the most talked about brand for some time, but there are many lesser-known brands of great quality.



When laminate first entered the market, the installation method was far more complex. Most companies offered certified installation courses, because each company had their own method specifically for their product.



In 1998, I became the first endorsed Pergo installer in the state of Michigan. If these floors are not installed correctly, they are still susceptible to the water damage that they were created to prevent, so it’s very important that your installer knows the proper method for any type of material you’re using. The problem early on was that many installers did not want to increase their education, so most laminate floors were installed incorrectly.



Today’s technology is increasingly becoming more geared towards DIY homeowners. But easier does not always mean better, and if your installation process fails, you’re left with a damaged floor—the most common reason I’m called out to replace flooring. There are a lot of solutions to this issue, but your problem as the consumer is in knowing which floor is quality and who makes the best product for your needs.






At, we are exceptionally knowledgeable on the different materials used for flooring. It’s our business to know exactly what product will work best for your needs. Laminate is a great option. As long as it’s installed correctly, it will last the lifetime of your home. We’re happy to recommend the best products and explain the differences in detail, so that you’re as informed about your decision as possible.



The warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. With, you’ll get a company you can trust and experience you can believe in.



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