Distressed Hardwood Flooring Explained

Once you decide to install a new hardwood floor, your choices might seem endless. You know that hardwood adds significantly to the value and appeal of your home, but which type of wood and color stain might be better? Are there different designs and looks I can play with, and which application will look the best for the lifetime of my home? All good questions.



Distressed hardwood flooring is one choice that’s become very fashionable in recent years for a number of reasons. Basically, when we say “distressed” we mean that the wood has been treated in some way to change the look—adding character, making it appear more rustic, giving the grain depth or the look of old-fashioned wood pegging.



Traditionally, these methods of treatment were used for homes with a rustic décor. Beautifully done, they can give your space just the right homey feel to match with your design aesthetic. A number of different methods for distressing the wood can give completely different characteristics to the design, opening up possibilities for use in everything from oriental décor to very elegant appeal.






The two main ways to achieve a distressed look are through hand scraping and machine scraping. Hand-scraped flooring is more costly because it’s far more labor intensive, but it has more character. The lengths and patterns of character in the wood look natural and not even, because it’s impossible to exactly replicate the look from plank to plank. Machine-distressed wood floors will have a repetitive pattern.



The looks can be as different as your décor and taste. Hand distressing a floor is an art form, and many techniques can be used to get the exact look and feel you want:



  • Hand scraping
  • Wire brushing
  • Use of various tools for distressing, such as saws, chisels, even chains
  • Application of stains to add to the character of the floor



The choices with this floor type are really as wide as your imagination will go. You can create a classic distressed floor, with lots of depth and grain to showcase a completely contemporary design. You might have a cabin rustic theme or even paint and distress the floor for a farmhouse kind of look.



The possibilities of what you can do with this material never end.






The best choice is an educated one, and we’d love to show you all of the alternatives you have in getting the perfect look for your home. We’d love to discuss the process and lead you through the different options.



If you’re interested in having distressed hardwood flooring installed in your home, please contact us today!

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