Hardwood Floor Installation – What’s Right For Your Home?

Many homeowners want to install hardwood floors in their home but don’t know what kind of floor they should choose. While more choices are always considered a great thing, the problem is often that people find it confusing to have so many options.



At 1woodfloors.com, we can help you choose the right floor for your home and lifestyle. Here are the primary things to consider when choosing the type of hardwood floor you’d like to have installed:



  • Subfloor – Different types of construction call for different types of flooring. For example, if you have a concrete subfloor, engineered hardwood flooring is a fantastic option.
  • Lifestyle – Which type of wood fits your lifestyle best? What do you find aesthetically pleasing and how much maintenance will it take?
  • Environment – Some environmental factors, such as severe heat and humidity, can have an impact on your natural wood floor, so you want to take care to choose the best type of material for your area.
  • Budget – Of course, cost is an important consideration.






The first thought you’re likely to have when choosing your flooring will be how it looks. Of course, you want the right look for your taste and you want something to last for the life of your home with minimal maintenance.



The basic types of flooring are:



  • Solid hardwood flooring – Real wood. This is the traditional flooring option and can last a long time if you treat it right.
  • Engineered flooring – Meant for concrete sub floors, engineered floors are pressure glued to the subfloor and ply layers are set in the opposite direction for maximum stability.
  • Laminate flooring – Durable, low maintenance, and budget friendly, laminate floors are made of synthetic materials to look like the real deal.



Hardwood floors come in an array of species and sizes, and are available in more than 50 different species. Whether you want a rustic look or a finely polished floor, there’s a material to fit your needs.








Once you’ve got the type of flooring you want nailed down (no pun intended) you’ll want to choose either a prefinished or finished floor. A prefinished floor basically means that all of the finish work is done before the floor is installed. Conversely, an unfinished floor means professionals sand and stain after installations. Learn more about the pluses and minuses of pre-finished vs. unfinished hardwood floors.



In terms of the style of floor you want, you can choose from quite a few options to get just the right look:





We know that making the choice between the many different types of materials and styles can seem daunting, and we’re here to help you through the journey.



Contact us today for your free quote and more information about selecting the best type of flooring for your home!

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