How to Choose Exotic Wood Flooring for Your Space

Today, the world is a much smaller place. As a homeowner, this means that the markets for woods that were once unheard of or too hard to attain are now more easily accessible. You’re no longer limited to only the type of woods that are indigenous to the area where you live. Woods like Brazilian Cherry or Australian Cypress are as within your reach today as any that grows in your area.



If you’re interested in installing exotic wood, the challenge for you is finding a reputable company that can handle the material. At 1woodfloors.com, we are experts at installation of all types of flooring in every environment. When working with a client to choose an exotic floor, we take care to go over all of the considerations inherent with these types of wood.






Choosing an exotic hardwood floor requires more consideration than for some of the materials that are regularly used. We’ve done the homework for you, so you can be sure that your choice will not only look unique and beautiful, but will be the best choice in the long run for your climate and home.



Some of the things you have to be aware of in your material:



  • Moisture – Many exotic woods are more reactive to moisture than other types of wood, so care needs to be taken that the type of wood you’ve chosen will do well in your environment.
  • Underestimating Hardness – We will never work with a material we don’t understand ahead of time. Hardness of the species means adjustments to the way the floor is installed and sanded, which we’re fully prepared to accommodate.
  • Dust Management – Dust management is important in every installation, but with exotics it’s crucial because some species can permanently stain other surfaces.
  • Staining Exotics – Many exotics don’t take stain well, so it’s important to be very knowledgeable in the material before you begin the job.



When you choose us for your exotic floor installation, you can rest assured that your home will never be a test project for us. We’re well-versed in all of the materials we work with and can help you choose the best fit for your needs.



We also take the time to go over your choices with you, explain how the material will look and react over time to the area and home type, and discuss all of the specifics of maintaining your floor for the duration. An exotic floor can be an exciting choice, and one that’s totally unique to you and your home.



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