Wide Plank Flooring Gives You Timeless Elegance

If you’ve been looking into having new hardwood floors installed, you’ve probably seen some mention of wide plank flooring. It’s very popular right now aesthetically, but it’s also a beautiful hardwood floor choice that will, with proper maintenance, last the life of your home.



What does the term “wide plank” mean? It’s exactly what it sounds like—the boards are wider than most of today’s models, reminiscent of the way traditional wood floors looked years ago.






This style is very popular right now because it’s both beautiful and versatile. It’s a fantastic look for someone who is designing a space with an “old time” feel. It also works very well with the new designs in decorating and architecture.



Wider boards, however, are more prone to movement. What this means is that wider boards have more expansion and contraction with differing temperatures and humidity. If you’ve decided this is the type of look and flooring you want, you should make sure that your installer discusses the type of wood and what you can expect as far as humidity levels and what kind of care your floor will need in your home. Also, different types of wood are more or less prone to movement. If you live in a humid area, you can choose a wood type that’s less susceptible and still take advantage of this great style.



Wide Plank Wood Flooring Checklist



What are some of the things you need to consider before choosing the exact type of wood and materials?



  • Your subfloor – At 1woodfloors.com, we’re very conscious of the right way to install your flooring and the best type of flooring to choose for the construction underneath. When you’ve chosen any type of wood floor, make sure your installer can explain the process with you and detail what type of installation they’ll be doing and why it’s better for the longevity of your floor.
  • Your environment – As we discussed earlier, wide plank flooring has a tendency to contract and expand more than the average hardwood. You want to make sure that you’re in a lower humidity climate or take precautions to ensure your floor will have a long and beautiful life.
  • Type of wood – The type of wood you choose should be as much about the way that it functions with your lifestyle as it is about how it looks.
  • Your design – Let’s not forget the design of your home and the look you will be thrilled to live with. After all, for the most part you’re renovating to make your home more beautiful for you!



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